Function Menu


$79.00 per person
8% Service charge


Soupe du Jour
Freshly made daily

Gravlax de Saulmon Fumé
Huon salmon cured and cold smoked with blue gum served with potato and dill, crème fraiche and fennel then finished with a caviar dressing

Soufflé au Crabe et au Gruyère
Double baked soufflé with crab meat and gruyère cheese finished with a light cream bisque

Escargots en Cocotte
Snails baked in little pots with garlic butter, tomato, spinach and topped with puff pastry lids

$10 Supplement for the following Entree:

Confit de Canard et foie Gras
Barbecue inspired confit duck, Rougie foie gras, refreshing salad of crispy seeds and Alsatian style cabbage




Poisson du Jour Sauce Nantua
Daily selected fish, oven baked with sliced potato, lemon Evo dressed peas and classic French seafood sauce

Longe d’Agneau
Pan roasted Tasmanian lamb loin served with braised neck, tendon and ragoût of ancient vegetables

Reef fish, Queensland scallops, fresh green prawns and calamari served in a rich seafood broth
with aioli and garlic French toast

Filet de Boeuf, Frites, Salade
Eye fillet cooked to your liking and served with green salad, homemade French fries and Béarnaise sauce



Buche D’Afinois
Silky triple cream brie

Crème Brûlée
Traditional French custard with burnt sugar crust

Fraises Pressées au Citron Vert
Pressed strawberry and lime, almond sponge, white couverture chocolate and crème Chantilly

Meringue aux Agrumes
Citrus meringue, plum conserve and churned vanilla cream